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My name is Helene Fjell. I am a photographer living in Oslo, Norway.
One of my projects is to photograph Pain Solution and the Fakir Academy.

Pain Solution was founded in 1993 by the initiative of Håvve Fjell.
He has ever since been the leader of this group. In January 2007,
Pain Solution started the Fakir Academy to educate new members
for the group.

For many years I have been following Håvve and his projects
with my camera. In this Blog I will post pictures while going thru my archives.


To Bleed or Not to Bleed

We are working hard on our upcoming book. We have 6 days left of our campaign were you can and
pre-order your copy: http://igg.me/at/tbontb

"To Bleed or Not to Bleed" covers the trials and triumphs of Pain Solution through its second, exciting, and challenging decade of bringing their unique talents to the stage. It is the story of a lone performer who grooms two protégés to stand as equals at his side and, in the process, creates something larger than any of them could have made on their own. Håvve’s words (with contributions from The Maniac, and The Princess) combined with Helene’s striking and insightful photos provides you with a rare glimpse into these unique performers who give everything for their art.

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